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Learn About our How-To Guide for Families

Find out more about our How-To Guide for Families at

Here you can:

Click Watch Preview to watch a short film and hear from other families about our How-To Guide for Families. 

Click Learn More to see a 2-page document describing our How-To Guide for Families.

No need to click How to Enroll. Follow the instructions below.

Learn more about our other online tools and resources at


If your child is 2 years of age (25 months or younger), here is how you can get to our How-To Guide for Free and much more.

Take our online Social Communication CheckUp and be part of our research. 

You will get to use our Social Communication Growth Charts.

You will get invited to upload a video-recorded home observation and to meet with a Baby Navigator team member to find out the results and get help on next steps

We will open the How-To Guide for Families in your portal and you will have all of this in one place, and much more.


If your child is between 1 to 8 years of age, here is how you can get to our How- To Guide for Free.

If you would like an enrollment code for our How-To Guide for Families, Click here to provide your name, email address, and your child’s age. You will receive an email from Autism Navigator with your code to enroll for free.

These enrollment codes are for families. If you are a provider and seeking an enrollment code for a family you serve, please contact Autism Navigator


Thank you for coming to our How-To Guide Webinar.


Please click here to provide feedback about our webinar. We greatly value your thoughts.



Please click here to provide feedback about our webinar. Your feedback will help us continuously improve the experience for the familiies who attend as well as for you. An attendance certificate will be emailed to you within ten days of the webinar date.


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