Autism Navigator About Autism in Toddlers - Professional Development Version


About Autism in Toddlers offers a unique library of video clips, glossary of terms, print materials in English and Spanish (with more languages coming), links to recommended websites, and much more. The course uses interactive slides with narration, closed caption, and embedded video clips. You can start by finding answers to commonly asked questions in single slides or explore the course at your own pace. Once in the course, a slide index and slide viewer help you easily navigate to specific slides.

The specially designed media player allows you to watch single, paired, and multiple video clips to compare and contrast behaviors across children or contexts. You are guided by narration to introduce the video clip, point out what to watch for, and call attention to certain behaviors. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video is worth. Download full course brochure.

System Requirements

Autism Navigator courses contain extensive interactive audio and video content. For the optimal experience, please make sure that your desktop, laptop, or tablet device meets the following minimum system requirements:

  •  High-speed Internet connection (very important for video playback quality)
  •  Speakers or headphones
  •  Latest version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Important: this course will not function properly in Internet Explorer.
  •  Adobe Reader (resources supplemental to the course are in PDF format)