Autism Navigator How-To Guide for Families


This interactive web-based course is for families who suspect their toddler has autism or a social communication delay. It will put in the hands of families hundreds of video illustrations of evidence-based intervention techniques that they can implement in everyday activities to support their child’s learning as soon as they suspect autism. This interactive program will teach families how to embed strategies and supports into their everyday activities, provide developmental growth charts to help families recognize and monitor meaningful outcomes, and offer a video library to illustrate how to promote learning and development for toddlers with ASD. The Autism Navigator How-To Guide for Families will also be instrumental for early intervention providers to use with families in early intervention to improve outcomes of toddlers with ASD and their families.

The Autism Navigator How-To Guide for Families is available for purchase, or if a family's physician or other primary care provider is a member of the Smart ESAC Provider Portal, the family may be eligible to receive the course for free.

System Requirements

All Autism Navigator courses are web-based and contain extensive interactive audio and video content. For the optimal experience, please make sure that your desktop, laptop, or tablet device meets the following minimum system requirements:

  •  High-speed Internet connection (very important for video playback quality)
  •  Speakers or headphones
  •  Latest version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Important: this course will not function properly in Internet Explorer.
  •  Adobe Reader (resources supplemental to the course are in PDF format)