Autism Navigator for Primary Care


Autism Navigator for Primary Care is a 8-hour online self-paced course that uses interactive slides with audio narration, closed captions, and illustrative video clips. Course participants will have links to web resources, research briefs, supporting documents to help you learn and apply the information, and documents to share with families.

This course uses an unparalleled video library with more than two-dozen different toddlers with autism, most 18 to 24 months of age. Video clips illustrate core diagnostic features, key social communication milestones and early signs of ASD, how to gather and share information with families, and evidence-based early intervention strategies and supports used by families of toddlers with autism in everyday activities. Each video player contains sets of video clips that compare and contrast features across children, families, or contexts with commentary that recaps key points and highlights critical behaviors. Download full course brochure.

System Requirements

All Autism Navigator courses are web-based and contain extensive interactive audio and video content. For the optimal experience, please make sure that your desktop, laptop, or tablet device meets the following minimum system requirements:

  •  High-speed internet connection (very important for video playback quality)
  •  Speakers or headphones
  •  Latest version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Important: this course will not function properly in Internet Explorer.
  •  Adobe Reader (resources supplemental to the course are in PDF format)